The below is an excerpt from the VERY rough, VERY first draft of what I intend to be a book on my experiences as a father. I’m in the process of writing, and am about 30 pages in. Bear with me.


I watched my child come into the world. It was the most surreal experience I’ve ever had. I watched my wife do something that was the single most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. She made life. And then she pushed that life into existence. I became a weepy mess in that delivery room. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe it was the reality that I was responsible for another human life. Maybe I was thinking about paying for college.
Or maybe I saw the way that 10 minute old baby looked at me, and everything inside of me changed forever. I saw in those eyes hopes and dreams. I saw a little girl wanting to be held by her daddy. I saw a little girl wanting to play in the sprinklers, needing help with her homework, getting her driver’s license, and going to college. In those 10 minutes, I watched my child grow up and leave me, and I was willing to do anything to slow that down.