Close to Home

Yesterday afternoon, a man wielding a rifle, ran into a shopping mall courtyard, and started firing off shots, eventually taking the life of 2 mall patrons, as well as himself. 

Sadly, in the world we live in, we hear things like this all the time. It would be easy to think about this happening somewhere distant, but this happened mere miles from my home. This happened in a mall I have been to dozens of times. I’ve purchased Christmas, birthday, and anniversary gifts from this mall. 

I posted something back in July after the shooting at the movie theater in Colorado. I went on and on about how I’m capable of this, let’s pray for the shooter, we all need Jesus, etc. And if I’m 100% honest, that was easy for me to say, because it happened hundred of miles away.

Yesterday was different. I found myself driving home from work, so angry that I almost pulled my car over. The victims could have been my friends, my family, people I know. This guy could have left my friends widows, their kids orphans. 

I found myself feeling glad he was dead. I was glad he was gone.

Then I became convicted in a way I haven’t been in a LONG time. I felt like such a hypocrite. As mad as I was that he potentially orphaned kids, and widowed husbands and wives, he left his own parents with a dead child. Somewhere, there is a mother, or father, or sibling, who will go to sleep tonight without a loved one.

Is what he did horrible? Absolutely. Will he stand before Jesus and give account for that? You bet. Is he just as worthy of a person to Jesus as I am? Is he an image bearer of God, just like myself? You better believe it. 


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