I’m in the middle of reading through the bible in 9 months. This is easy when I’m reading through the stories of Moses, Abraham, & Joseph. Those stories are familiar.

Reaching Leviticus is a different story. The scriptures start to slow down. They get much more laborious when dealing with laws on mold in your house, and how to butcher an animal to eat, and what to do with the furniture in your house after your wife has had her….special time, while sitting on it. Needless to say, those get a bit weird.

I always wondered what the point of reading those laws was. What am I supposed to get from those? How is reading about mold control supposed to deepen my walk with Christ?

What if the point of the law, wasn’t the law? What if the point of the law, wasn’t to give us a list of hundreds of rules to keep? What if the point was to show us how absurd it is to try and adhere to it? To show us what zeal looks like.

I don’t know about you, but after reading the book of Leviticus, if I’m honest with myself, I’ve never been as passionate about anything as the ancient Hebrews were about the law.

Maybe that’s the point. To show us what zeal looks like. To show us what it looks like to be so committed to something, or in this case, someone, that you will literally alter your entire life to wrap your life around it.

What if our lives looked like that? 


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