So I just sat through a presentation from a Libyan wife of a Libyan doctor (both Muslim) who have partnered with MTI to do some incredible work on the ground in what is now war-torn Libya. She shared of sleepless nights, wondering if she’d ever see her husband alive again, a brother-in-law who was kidnapped by Gaddafi’s forces and held against his will, and how she is so blessed to partner with MTI. It was a beautiful story. I found myself getting choked up thinking about how these two faith backgrounds, who have a history of fighting and waring against each other, are coming together peacefully, not trying to proselytize the other one, in hopes of achieving peace and harmony in a country that has known neither of those things recently. 

At one point, she said “I am not a Christian, but I do believe in God. God kept my husband alive and safe while he was in Libya. Thank you for praying as well.” 

Do with that what you will. I will continue to pray for Libya, the Muslim community, and Dr. Reda. 


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